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Dive into Excellence with Jeff’s Pools Plus: Your Vision, Our Expertise.



Jeff’s Pools Plus specializes in comprehensive pool repair services, ensuring that your pool is restored to optimal condition through expert diagnosis, efficient repairs, and a commitment to delivering exceptional results.



Jeff’s Pools Plus offers top-quality pool resurfacing services, revitalizing your pool’s appearance and durability with expertly applied finishes that enhance its beauty while ensuring long-lasting performance.



Jeff’s Pools Plus excels in providing transformative pool remodel services, breathing new life into your existing pool by incorporating innovative designs, modern features, and premium materials, resulting in a stunning outdoor retreat tailored to your vision. We Also Offer Mosiacs!


Vinyl Liners

Jeff’s Pools Plus specializes in professional pool vinyl liner installation services, providing a seamless and visually appealing solution that enhances the aesthetics and durability of your pool, creating a refreshed and inviting swimming experience.


Salt Water Systems

Jeff’s Pools Plus offers comprehensive salt water pool services, including installation, maintenance, and conversion, providing a superior and more eco-friendly swimming experience with crystal-clear water and reduced chemical usage.


Green Pools

Jeff’s Pools Plus specializes in green pool services, offering effective solutions to restore and revitalize algae-infested or neglected pools, transforming them into pristine, inviting swimming environments through thorough cleaning, chemical treatment, and expert care.


Drainage Cleaning

Jeff’s Pools Plus provides expert pool drainage cleaning services, ensuring efficient water flow and preventing issues caused by debris and sediment buildup, maintaining the cleanliness and functionality of your pool system.

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